Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Kitchen Window Sill Herb Garden: Herbs At Your Fingertips

     If you go into any hardware or home improvement store about now, the stores are starting to put out displays for eager gardeners to peruse, searching for just the right plants for the upcoming growing season. You can be that eager gardener, too - even if you live in a New York high rise apartment. Try your hand at window sill herb gardening. Raising your own herbs isn't just easy - it's economical. A small bundle of fresh thyme at the grocery store can be $4 or more. Spend under a dollar per pot for the soil and seeds, and you'll have yourself MANY bundles of thyme at your fingertips with no further expense. I like to blog about Clean Eating topics that will enhance your CE experience and save you money as well.. Growing your own herbs is definitely a win-win for the Clean Eater.

     Many varieties of herbs are quite hardy and really take no special skills for success other than a sunny window sill, and an occasional dose of water: basil, thyme, sage, mint, dill, and parsley are all incredibly easy - prepare a suitable pot with a drainage hole in the bottom with pre-fertilized potting soil, plant the seeds, water them, and set the pot in a sunny location. Somewhere between 30-45 days later, you'll have a lovely pot of herbs with which to flavor your cooking.It's really that straightforward and easy.

     I'm not the best gardener. I tend to forget plants need water until they look so pitiful they catch my attention. Husband is the official plant waterer in this house, and he's agreed to shepherd the plants I'm going to cultivate ( Yay! ).