Monday, January 9, 2012

Video & Recipe: Greek Style Lamb Burgers

     Try something new this week - pick up some ground lamb and prepared tabbouleh, and make Greek style lamb burgers. If your store doesn't have ground lamb, pick up a large piece of lamb and ask the store's meat department to grind it for you ( they actually will! ) Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern "salad" comprised of parsley, bulgar wheat, tomatoes, red onions, olive oil, and spices. It is delicious on it's own; marvelous when added to meat.


Tabbouleh ( below )

After seeing the above video last week, I decided to make these myself. I bought prepared tabbouleh and ground lamb. I added a good dose of powdered Greek seasoning to my burgers because I like it so much - and the results were fantastic. It was a wonderful change of pace from beef and turkey burgers I've been eating. The lamb burgers were cooked perfectly medium well on my table top grill, and were incredibly juicy and flavorful. The prepared tabbouleh I bought was a great addition - and I will be making these again. Lovely!