Thursday, March 8, 2012

4 Nutriton / Food Websites to Try

     In my travels in and around the Net, I often come across useful, helpful - or downright genius websites that I like to pass on to my readers. I'm not one of those bloggers who pretends the rest of the Internet doesn't exist - there are a lot of great nutrition / food websites out there!

1. allows you to enter two foods and with a click of the button, compare the base nutritional values of the two - calories, carbs, fat, and protein ( I wish it compared sodium too... ). Take it for a spin - enter 2 foods into the search fields. It can be a generic word, like :"polenta" or a brand name, like "Twizzlers."

2. is a fun spot where you can search for recipes. Have a chicken but no dairy in the house? Enter "chicken" in the first box, and "dairy" in the "without" box, and you'll pull up recipe after chicken recipe with no dairy in it. Sometimes I'll pop by this site if I have something like ground beef in the fridge but no clue what I want to do with it.

3.  is a fun site - essentially a collection of links on various topics. Pick a topic, and the page will display a few hundred links on the topic of your choice. Clicking "recipes" from the list on the right hand side of the main page, you get a large collection of cooking blogs and sites. Populair: Recipes.
 Most are not Clean, but I enjoy reading more for techniques and ideas than anything else.

4. I use a lot of recipe aggregators when I search for my "Recipe of the Day" selections for the upper righthand corner of the blog - but  one of my favorites is The site is crisp but bare bones - just you and the food porn, tastily arranged before you. You can see what is top rated and trending, you can sort them to just see what is new on the blogs they track, or you can just see vegetarian offerings. I like my aggregators ( now, I can't tell you ALL my secrets! ) but I like roaming Punchfork almost as much as I like