Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Valued Naturals Products - No Frills Clean Eating

At Shoprite the other day, I noticed a nondescript wooden rack, out of the way and off to the side.
 No big advertising sign, nothing screaming "Hey look at me!" 

 I found plastic bags of food on the racks. The simplest of packaging- as Friday would say "Just the facts, Ma'am..."  

1 lb of steel cut oats for $1.59?? Seriously? In the oatmeal aisle, a package of McCann's steel cut is well over $4. The new Quaker Oats steel cut product is just over $3. I was a little more than taken aback.

22 ounces of couscous for $2.99? Wow - a small box of couscous is normally that price. My son and husband love couscous. Couscous is actually a pasta product, and the bag listed a single ingredient: semolina. I've never seen or heard of a whole grain couscous - so if you are a fan, this is as Clean as it gets.

They had nuts, grains, dried fruits, and snack mixes ( think granola trail mix, etc ). Color me impressed. Some items weren't Clean, but a vast majority of them were perfect for the Clean Eater.

The company that produces these "no frills" bags is the Valued Naturals company.  They distribute to the following grocery stores nationwide, and perhaps more that aren't shown here:

High quality foods, simple foods, low prices. Look in your local grocery store for a wooden ladder like rack piled with plastic bags. Clean food at a good price. Can't beat this Clean Eating with a stick.