Monday, March 19, 2012

Newstand Alert: Clean Eating Magazine April / May 2012

The new issue of Clean Eating showed up in my mailbox yesterday, and with it another month of inspiring recipes and great tips!

1. I buy and cook fresh spinach on a regular basis, so I liked seeing spinach highlighted on page 18-20. Because you need a lot of spinach to feed a few people, don't underestimate! You need at least 2 full bags of spinach to feed 3 people with a healthy portion of cooked / wilted spinach. It sounds like a lot, but those leaves wilt down to nothing.

2. Check out the 4 additional uses of Nut Butters on page 24! Salad dressing? I would have never thought of that - but I like the idea of an almond butter dressing.

3. I tried cherimoya last May, and really liked the flavor and consistency.  There's a nifty recipe for a cherimoya mango smoothie on page 32 that really piqued my interest.

4. I'm not a big fan of Guy Fieri,   and to see him highlighted on page 40 this month seems a little hypocritical of CE Magazine. I'd much rather they highlighted some of the other famous chefs out there who are promoting healthy eating - something Guy Fieri isn't really known for. This to me is like having Paula Deen promote Clean Eating. NOT!

5. My family and I love Mexican food, so the taco recipes on pages 46 to 51 are really welcome! Just remember to chose a low sodium and low fat tortilla  ( keep in mind, tortilla wraps are a border food! ) and you'll keep your Mexican feast on Path.

6. I liked the article on page 62 about making your own apple chips, but in reality, apple chips are really tricky to make on your own. It takes a lot longer than 2 hours in the oven stated in the recipe, and they get a burnt taste really easily. This is one area I say "Stick to the commercially dried apples you buy in the store." Just make sure they have no additives, and also they are produced in the US. A lot of apples are grown in China, and they have been shown to be much higher in arsenic than US apples. Stick with the Made in America logo, and you'll be fine - and you won't have a hellacious baking sheet to try and scrub.

7. The OCD cutting board shown on page 92 made me grin a little bit:
8. I love lemons - LOVE the flavor. Check out the great looking Meyer Lemon bars on page 98. They look slightly crispy, with a thin sheen of lemon on top. Want...