Thursday, March 1, 2012

Clean Eating Lunch On The Fly: Deviled Eggs

    This wasn't the post I planned on for today at all - but something happened yesterday afternoon at lunch that I decided to take pictures of it and share.

     I had a small lunch planned for yesterday - eggs, carrot sticks, a cheese stick, a handful of almonds, and an orange. As I unpacked my lunch, I looked at my eggs, then to the little snack bag I'd packed my carrots in, and then to the bottle of Dijon mustard someone had left on the counter.

Deviled eggs.I had just been planning on 2 hardboiled eggs when I was suddenly eager for a deviled egg. Yolks, mustard, mayo, fork, bag. Yep - I could do it!

     I took a knife, and sliced the eggs in half, scooped out the yolk, placed them in the baggie, and mashed them with a fork. See the yellow bits in the bag?

     Then I added a small squeeze of Dijon to the mashed yolks - and yes, I did add a little mayonnaise. Had I been more prepared, I would have used plain Greek yogurt - but I didn't plan that far ahead. I zipped the bag closed and mashed the yolk mixture around until mixed. Then I snipped the tip off the baggie, and piped the dijon yolky mixture back into the shells. ( Thanks to my co-worker Lee who took the pic for me! )

The only thing that is missing is a dash of Old Bay - it's literally a prerequisite for life here in Maryland. Unfortunately, I had none. ( Ugh, that pre-planning thing! )

     The eggs were delicious, and I had a more satisfying meal with the simple addition of a little Dijon and a little ingenuity. Special thanks to North who helped with the pictures - thanks!