Sunday, May 13, 2012

Link Love Sunday - May 13th, 2011

 - Check out this fabulous method of make ahead healthy crockpot meals! The Clean Eater and the "Be Prepared" chick in me LOVE this idea. Make Ahead Healthy Cockpot Meals - Fill Your Freezer! Take your favorite crockpot recipes and make them even easier!

- I get shin splints really easily from exercise. Recently I've upped my speed walking regimen ( almost jogging! ) to once a day...and my shin muscles are voicing their displeasure. This site  was mentioned to me as having helpful pre-walking exercises to ease the strain. Helpful, like having a PT right there with me!

- If you aren't familiar with The Bloggess, perhaps your life is missing something. With over 500,000 unique visitors per month, she's one of the most successful bloggers on the Net. Painfully neurotic and compulsively funny - Jenny Lawson's new memoir is currently at the top of the NYT Bestseller list and she's on book tour ( and coming to my area next week! ) If you aren't easily offended by liberal F bomb applications, I suggest you take a few days and stroll through her archives to get yourself up to date. Her writing is addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.( How can you not love someone has a cat named Ferris Mewler   a 6' metal chicken statue named Beyonce,  and a ridiculously odd obsession with small taxidermied animals? )