Sunday, May 6, 2012

Link Love Sundays

I generally don't post on the weekends - but I often find links around the web I've found I want to share in one way or another. They are more than likely on Clean Eating or nutrition - but occasionally will be off topic for this blog.

Welcome to Link Love Sunday!

1. Got a vacuum pack machine at home gathering dust on a back shelf? Haul it out to make salad last a long time - Salad in a Jar!

2.'s list of 26 of the healthiest grocery store products ( careful, not all are Clean - but they are definitely better for you! )

3. If you've got kids at home and don't buy organic fruit - make the switch NOW to organic apples in particular!

4. I've been looking for lower body exercises that won't put too much strain on my tailbone; it's been sore for a long time now. Check out this series of exercises for belly, butt & thighs that removes the emphasis on the lower hips as the pivot point!