Thursday, December 2, 2010

Assorted CE and Organic Coupons

Always welcome to find coupons to make CE a little less expensive...

 $1 / 1 any Horizon Organic Milk - coupon expires 30 days from print

$1 / 1 Silk Soy Milk  ( I have to admit, not my favorite, but some people love the stuff )

Sign up now for a future coupon for Cuties Clementines - the kind most stores sell in a wooden crate this time of year: Cuties Citrus Coupon - Just register with the site; I've heard people in their datebase will get a coupon for Clementines soon.

Assorted Organic Valley Coupons  ( the .75 / 1 eggs is great if your store doubles! )

 $5 off a Brita Water Pitcher