Sunday, December 5, 2010

Clean Up Your Act!

Making small changes to your diet and exchanging your small dirty choices for cleaner ones will really make a difference! Finding "this for that" tweaks will really help you stay on the path which will get you where you want to be.

1. Your morning coffee - exchange packet sweeteners for cubes or granules of demarara sugar ( a raw, unrefined sugar with a pale yellowish cast to it due to the natural cane juices left in the crystals ), exchange creamers ( powdered or liquid - unclean! ) for regular, every day milk.
2. Breakfast - exchange bread for whole grains like oatmeal ( steel cut over rolled "quick" kind ), wheatena, etc , exchange sugary smears of jam or fatty butter for a protein packed smear of natural or organic peanut butter. Exchange that extra piece of toast for a piece of fruit.
3. Lunch - exchange that lunch grabbed on the run with one that you packed from home containing a healthy sandwich wrap or salad in a portable salad container, a few cubes of organic or artisnal cheese, fruit, edamame, etc. Exchange your single cup of water with lunch with a reusable water bottle you refill multiples times per day.
4. Snack times:  Exchange man made but "clean" snacks - organic cookies, pretzels, etc - with nuts, fruit cubes, cheese cubes, a hard boiled egg, a handful of organic raisins.
5. Dinner - Exchange man made bottled marinades and sauces with simpler marinades made at home - mustard sauces, soy sauce based marinades ( no, not made at home but low sodium soy sauce is a clean choice ). Exchange regular potato for sweet potato. Exchange a starch ( rice, polenta, couscous ) for a starchy vegetable choice ( potato, corn, beans ) or an organic or homemade soup.