Sunday, December 19, 2010

Clean Eating Substitutes from All You Magazine

I was browsing through this chick mag I get in the mail ( it is a Walmart publication ) and I get it because it has a lot of coupons in it. Imagine my surprise when I came upon an article in the January 2011 publication called "Eat Real Food and Lose Weight" :-) Nowhere in the article do they discuss the term "Clean Eating" - but it is modeled directly after CE! It is all about removing processed foods from your diet, drinking more water, and making wholesome swaps with your food. I take issue with them saying potato chips are a healthy alternative to pretzels or cheesy poofs - that isn't a healthy swap. I'd sub in there homemade chickpea snackers ( I'll be posting this recipe later; I made them last night ) or nuts or raisins. There are 2 other "subs" I've noted that aren't the best - but I left them in anyway.

They have a nice little chart showing real vs not real foods All You Processed Foods vs Real Foods

Not Real
Strawberry toaster pastry Whole-grain toast with 100 percent strawberry jam
Artificially sweetened berry flavored yogurt Plain yogurt with fresh berries
Cold cereals (with enriched flour, artificial coloring and high-fructose corn syrup) Oatmeal with honey
Processed luncheon meat, hot dogs Sliced chicken/turkey breast, steak, tuna
Pancake syrup 100 percent maple syrup
Diet shakes Smoothies made of low-fat milk and chopped fruit
Diet snack/protein bars Nuts and dried fruit
Chocolate-flavored packaged cakes and cookies Dark chocolate ( CE Eve Says No! )
Whipped topping Whipped cream
Fat-free salad dressing Olive oil and vinegar
Boxed flavored rice mixes Brown rice with fresh herbs
Enriched wheat breads, rolls, English muffins Whole-wheat breads, rolls, English muffins
Pretzels or cheese-flavored puffs (with white flour) Potato chips or whole-corn tortilla chips ( CE Eve says No! )
Fruit snacks/rolls Sliced fruit
Soda pop (regular or diet) Club soda with 100 percent fruit juice
Artificially sweetened powder to flavor water Lemon, lime or orange slices to flavor water
Flavored coffee creamers 2 percent milk
Peanut butter (with hydrogenated oils) Natural peanut butter
Processed cheese dip Salsa
Stick margarine Whipped butter ( CE Eve Says "Small Amounts" )