Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Product Review: Garden Lites Souffles

I found this product in my grocery store's frozen section where the organic and natural frozen foods live. The packaging caught my eye, and I was looking for something different - so I decided to give one a whirl.
The ingredient list on these souffles is short - for example, the spinach flavor contains: spinach, potatoes, egg whites, whole eggs, onions, brown sugar, rice flour, sea salt, and spices. That's it - nothing unpronounceable, nothing weird. I was duly impressed.

Out of the package, the product is small , it's a single serving so keep that in mind - you won't be sharing it with anyone! The souffles are best when microwaved - the top has a nice firm crust like appearance, and the souffle is actually smooth and eggy. They really are quite tasty. The only downside is the price - normally these are $4 each in my local grocery stores. If you find them on sale, by all means, pick one up and try one. Excellent to keep in the freezer to grab to take to work for lunch, or as a veggy side when you need a smackerel more. At about 140 calories each - no problem! Just be sure to keep your water intake up - they have about 350-400 mg of sodium each which make them a little "un" CE, but...*hides package quickly* You didn't see anything, did you?