Saturday, December 11, 2010

Planning Ahead To Make a Smart Choice

This evening, we'll be attending my company's Christmas get together at a local nice restaurant.
Isn't it pretty? A local historic house turned into a gorgeous restaurant:

I haven't been to this restaurant in years, but their specialty is seafood, so I have a good chance to stay on track and enjoy myself as well. I went online and downloaded their "core" menu - 20+ items they always serve, regardless of season. Rather than get carried away in the moment and allow my judgment to lapse in the party atmosphere, I picked 2 "go to" dinner choices that will be on my mind as we order our dinners. I have a tendency to have a "Oh, this is a special occasion, it doesn't count / I'll make up for it tomorrow" mentality - so being forearmed with a smart CE choice is a smart move for me. I looked ahead and planned ahead - try to keep this technique in mind as you go forth this Holiday season.  You'll look back the day after and be proud of yourself, I promise!