Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Clean Eating At Work

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when making the switch from regular to Clean Eating is figuring out what to eat once you are away from your own kitchen. For example, the work place can be a difficult place to stick to the path you've chosen.

1. Plan ahead - it is key. Using the evenings and weekends to prepare your meals for the upcoming week is essential. Pre-pack fruit, vegetables, nuts, a sandwich - whatever you are bringing to work. Otherwise you might find yourself out of time in the morning and out of luck...foodless and looking at the local deli with $10 in your hand.
2. Make sure your co-workers know and understand what you are doing. They might see your diet and your habits change drastically, and wonder what is going on. Share CE with them, and ask for their support. No, you don't want a piece of birthday cake ( but you will be happy to sing with everyone! ). No, you don't want some of their kid's Halloween candy, thankyouverymuch.
3. Keep CE friendly snacks at work. On Mondays, bring a small bag of fruit in that will last the week. Keep some canned tuna, nuts, and such in your desk.
4. Pack leftovers from last night's dinner for us as today's lunch. A leftover chicken breast can be easily cut up and put over lettuce and some veggies for a quick chicken salad. That single turkey burger you were too full to eat last night is today's reheated burger in a wrap.

The best advice I can give is to be prepared. Put a piece of fruit, some hard boiled eggs, a cup of yogurt, and your other usual CE suspects in a bag in the fridge for easy grabbing the next morning. Some time that afternoon, you'll be thanking yourself for the effort the night before.