Monday, December 6, 2010

The New Issue of Clean Eating Is Out! The New Issue of Clean Eating Is Out!

I'm so easily amused.

Highlights from this issue:

1. Very tasty looking stuffed portobello recipe on page 22

2.  Tosca's article on page 23 about alternatives to peanut butter is interesting ( However, I take a little exception to her claim that commercial peanut butters are "all" loaded with sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. I examined every jar of commercial and organic / natural peanut butters when I was in the store the other day, and other than more salt in most commercial, the ingredient lists were almost identical. Not saying eat spoonfuls of Skippy , but in the whole scheme of things, I think there are bigger fish to fry, know what I mean?)

3.. Great article about cooking for one on page 43

4.. I know one man who will really like reading the soup and stew recipes starting on page 58

5. The 14 day meal plan on page 73 is a great start for new Clean Eaters! Even using some of the days when you first start of will really be a help and give you a gentle introduction to your new lifestyle.