Thursday, May 12, 2011



This morning was difficult. I overslept; my insomnia was cranked up to 11 last night. My son was cranky and uncooperative. I couldn’t log in to my blog. The dog ran into our neighbor’s yard and decided not to listen.

     Trying to be Zen about so many Other things…but getting emotionally overwhelmed.

     I pushed away from my computer this morning, and went about my morning routines to get my son and me out the door on time. While brushing my teeth, I glanced down at the scale. I weighed myself Monday ( my usual day ); I generally only do it once a week. I stepped on the scale.

After many rather lackluster weeks, I had done it.  I have broken past a plateau.

I have lost 52 lbs total since having started Clean Eating in August of last year.

I fist pumped the air, and said “Yes!” aloud. I looked at the scale, and I just…smiled.

I got what I needed, when I needed it most.