Thursday, May 19, 2011

La Creme Real Dairy Creamer Coupon Available

     One of my consistently most viewed posts ( and one that seems to bring people in from Google ) is my review and discussion about La Creme Real Dairy Creamer which people who are interested in ditching that sugary trans fat "other" liquid coffee creamer should be buying.

If you don't realize what "non dairy creamer" actually is, please read up on it in my "real vs Fake" post here.

The other day while in Safeway, I discovered a tearpad on the dairy case for .75 off 1 bottle of La Creme Real Dairy Creamer.

Unfortunately, this coupon is coded so it will not double - but any coupon savings is fine by me. This stuff is such a lifesaver for me, that I will buy it full price if I have to. It is one of the last remaining "Hey, that is processed!" foods I consume - but it is head and shoulders better than non dairy creamer, and I just personally don't like plain milk in my morning coffee.