Saturday, May 7, 2011

IMI : Incentive, Motivation, In Control

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. 
That's why we recommend it daily."  -Zig Ziglar

     If you've made the decision that Clean Eating is the nutritional change you need to make your body and mind healthy - congratulations! You are starting down a path towards better health. You realize that removing processed foods from your diet is the key to "resetting your body's machine to factory specifications"...but staying motivated? That can be harder. We are human. We often take the easiest path. We often revert to deeply ingrained habits. 

     Use the following 3 keys to keep yourself motivated, and On Path. 

1. Incentive:  Sometimes your own personal motivation isn't enough. Sometimes what we need is someone who will kickstart us, we need a hero, a role model - someone we can look up to. Find that person. They are your catapult. Keep their picture near you; write yourself notes with quotes from that person to remind you why you admire that person. Take that inspiration because that is your power, your driving force. Your role model would stick to it. Why aren't you? 

2. Motivation : Visualize where you want to be. What is your ultimate goal with Clean Eating? Weight loss? Better physical health? What are small goals you can reach to step forwards to your ultimate goal? Lose 5 pounds in the next month? Reward yourself with something special once you attain that small goal. Write it down, and don't hesitate to reward yourself for staying on track. Write down a timeline of rewards - what will you give yourself for 10 lbs lost? 15? 25? Post this in a very central place - above your computer, or on the fridge.

3. In Control :Forward movement is up to you. You are the Master of your body - what happens to it, and how you treat it are entirely up to you. Knowing you are successfully changing your diet - your nutrition, and ultimately your health ( and as a nice side effect, your appearance ) is incredibly impowering. Focusing in on   "I am in control." Keep mental cues at the forefront. For me, it was the phrase "This will not get me where I want to be..." when I was contemplating an unclean food - and I still have to say this to myself occasionally. 
( Easter candy was on sale 75% off  this week at CVS. I looked at it. A lot. After coupons, they would have basically been giving me the candy - but I said no - that candy will not get me where I want to be, and my family doesn't need it, either. )

Incentive, motivation, control. 3 keys to keep in mind as you take your first steps down a Cleaner path. Give yourself incentive and motivation. Know you are in control.

Here is my motivation. I've been looking for a goal for a little while - something to work towards. Last week while driving home, I noticed a sign by the side of the road, announcing my church's annual 5k walk/run for charity. I stopped on the side of the road, and stared at the sign intently...and realized, this is my goal.

This time next year, I will enter and run in that charity 5k event. I've never run before...but I know I can do it. I have incentive, I have motivation - and I am in control.