Sunday, May 1, 2011

Huzz00t! Salmon Burgers Again!

     Ever since I discovered at the end of March that the salmon burgers I had been eating were not something I should be eating,  I've been looking for a salmon burger that meets my Clean criteria: not a lot of ingredients, extra fillers, salts, and is produced in the United States. I have found a replacement that I can get behind and eat on a regular basis - and one to recommend to my readers.

     Trident brand Alaskan salmon burgers are produced in the US and are about as Clean a salmon burger as you can find. With a low ingredient list ( Salmon, water, canola oil and 2% or less of the following ingredients - lemon juice, onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper, sea salt, mesquite smoke flavor, "vegetable extractives", and "natural flavor." ) I was relatively happy enough to buy the product. I wasn't crazy about whatever "vegetable extractives" could be, but I decided to breathe deep and buy the box of 4 burgers. I grilled mine on the George Foreman a few minutes on each side per the instructions, and ate them just with some Dijon mustard...and they are delicious. Seriously - very good.

Each patty has 130 calories, and a moderate sodium content ( 230 mg ) for the 2.8 oz burger.

It's so good to have salmon burgers back on the menu!!!