Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clean Eating Breakfast Cereals - From Kashi!

Over the weekend I had the good timing to have some time to kill and walked into a Whole Foods Market to have a look around. I don't normally get to visit these stores - and haven't been in one since I started Clean Eating even though I knew there's a lot of good stuff there for the Clean Eater.

 Since I wrote Is Kashi Clean?  ( where I discovered Kashi is owned by Kellogg's and has flooded the market with junk food masquerading as a healthy option ) I've seen time and again confirmation that Kashi foods are not friendly to the Clean Eater...that is, until now.

A number of Kashi cold breakfast cereals ( though not all! ) are Clean and would be a great addition to your breakfast table. 

These include:

Autumn Wheat cereal 
Island Vanilla cereal
Indigo Morning cereal
Simply Maize cereal

Each of these has only 4-5 ingredients, and only one of these is a listing for an added sugar source. All in all, these are about as Clean a cold breakfast cereal as you'll find.

These cereals are also distributed through most major grocery chains - so chances are, if you like cold cereal in the morning ( is that milk you are putting on that cereal organic?? ) you will be able to find one or more of these cereal varieties.