Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ian's Whole Wheat Panko Bread Crumbs

I never thought a lot about bread crumbs until I started Clean Eating. It's bread. Little pieces of bread. I didn't even contemplate what kind of bread it could be -'s bread bits. 

Now, I know better. Now, I look, investigate, question. 

I've been looking for a Clean substitute for breadcrumbs for a while now. I add them to meatloaf and meatballs, and as a coating for baked foods like chicken tenders, etc. 

I used to use Progresso bread crumbs. Ingredients? 40. 

Gross! I can't believe they'd stick that plain old breadcrumbs. I see 4 sugar ingredients and partially hydrogenated oil. Ugh.

When I found Ian's bread crumb products, I was very very pleased. Ingredients? Just 4 in the whole wheat plain bread crumbs.

 They also sell an Italian flavor that has 9 ingredients

I found Ian's at my normal grocery store, but in the "organic and gluten free" area of the store. I find myself in that aisle more and more often...