Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Newstand Alert : Everyday Food Special Summer Issue

I've always been a fan of Martha Stewart's small "side" magazine, Everyday Food. The recipes are generally Clean, the photography luscious, and the recipes approachable and "hey...I'd make that!" type of recipes. Everyday Food has come out with a special summer edition that is well worth the $4.99 cover price. It is chock full of beautiful food - summer favorites, new ideas, and old stand-bys.

 Specifically in this issue, I was most excited by the following:

1. A simply lovely spread of 6 easy side dishes that are Clean and positively yummy - page 40. ( Look for the Green Rice recipe highlighted here soon! )
2. Great collection of 20 meals in under 20 minutes - most with 6 ingredients or less, almost all are Clean - page .
3. Pretty pretty article on various homemade popsicles ( see that cover picture!! )
4. A round-up of what is in season right now with a few tips and ideas - corn, tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant. Page 5
5. A discussion of ceviche on page 47 under the heading "Have you tried"  - Seriously, I wrote my post from last week BEFORE I bought the magazine.