Friday, August 5, 2011

Clean Eating Snack - Microwave Popcorn

No need to give up your evening snack of popcorn in front of the tv...a few simple steps and you can easily produce some tasty popcorn in the microwave with some Clean ingredients.

You need: 

1/4 cup of popping corn (generally $0.99 for a pound bag. This is enough to make at least 50 bags of microwave corn)
1 -2  Teaspoons extra virgin olive oil ( you could also try a flavored olive oil - but definitely, olive oil works best! )
To taste -salt ( if you must! ), spices, etc.

1. Open the bag and pour the popping corn in. Carefully add your seasonings and salt. Shake gently. Now add the teaspoon of olive oil.

 2. Fold the bag over once and staple twice. Contrary to popular belief, the staples will not spark in the microwave. Gently shake the contents to mix and press out the air. Set on it's back in the microwave and cook until the pops get about 3 to 5 seconds apart.

3. Sit smugly on the couch munching your Clean snack while spouse / S.O. / "special friend " / pets look at you with sad "Are you going to share???" face and/or puppy dog eyes.