Monday, August 29, 2011

Is Eggbeaters Clean?

Q:  Is Eggbeaters Clean? I've always cooked a cup of Eggbeaters in the microwave for a quick breakfast at work. Now that I'm trying to eat better, I was wondering if Eggbeaters is Clean?

A:  Technically, Eggbeaters is not Clean. A Clean food would be a freshly cracked organic egg, whisked and then microwaved. You'd consume the egg as you find it in Nature - so that would be the 1st choice. Eggbeaters is a processed product, so it would be considered "Unclean."


If you examine the ingredient list for Eggbeaters ( Original Eggbeaters, not any flavored version ) , you'll find the following:

Ingredients: Egg Whites. Less than 1% Natural Flavor, Color ( includes beta carotene ), spices, salt, onion powder, vegetable gums, and maltodextrin.

99% of Eggbeaters is just egg whites. Only 1% is other stuff, and the majority of that 1% is spices and salt.

Sodium content of a 1/4 cup serving of Original Eggbeaters? 115 mg.
Sodium content of a single, organic egg? About 75 ( naturally occurring ) mg.

So is Eggbeaters Clean? In my opinion, it goes into the "Border Food" bucket - a food you can safely eat occasionally, but on a daily basis you are better off going for the traditional Mother Nature approved egg delivery system: an organic egg in the shell.