Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rethink Dinner - Have an Omelette!

A facet of Clean Eating is recognizing that your body is a machine - a machine that requires premium, high grade fuel in order to function properly.

Processed foods filled with man made chemicals, preservatives, and fat/calories/sodium? Low quality food.

Unprocessed, unadulterated foods with vitamins, minerals - as close to how they naturally occur? High quality food.

Your body doesn't care if it is 8 am or 6 pm. It wants healthy food, period. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are man made parameters as to what is acceptable to eat at certain times of the day - but you body wants what it wants: healthy food, no matter the time.

Eliminate the concept of "dinner" from your vocabulary. Have an omelette for your late meal. Stuff it with veggies, lean meats, fish, a sprinkle of organic cheese.

You can have omelettes on the table in just a few minutes, making you and your family a nutritious, filling, and Clean meal with little effort. Serve with a side vegetable and perhaps a salad, and you've got a lovely meal. 

If you have been "omelette deficient" in the past because perhaps you've never made one at home, check out this video to walk you through the steps to a perfect omelette. It is actually very easy once you get the hang of it! I searched multiple youtube videos, and I think Jamie Oliver explains it well.

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