Monday, January 31, 2011

McCormick Spice Grinders

Still looking for Clean Eating condiments and spices? I get a lot of people who are finding my blog from Google searches on "Clean Eating Condiments." Clearly, people out there are looking to add some zing to their foods!

Last night, as I used my McCormick cinnamon grinder on my sweet potato, I realized I should talk about these nifty little suckers.

These come in a variety of spices and herb mixes - I just got a few of the sea salt grinders, as well as a nice peppercorn mix, and the cinnamon grinder. If you are really minding your salt, be aware some of the blends have sea salt in them - but overall, these are a great CE addition to your spice pantry. Normally around $2 per grinder, on sale with a coupon they are around .50 each. I like the Italian herb grinder on everything from chicken breasts to veggies. The steakhouse grinder is excellent on beef and hamburgers.

Poke around the spice aisle in your grocery store, and pick up some of these grinders. Your grilled meats will love you for it!