Saturday, September 17, 2011

Are Mini Babybel Cheeses Clean?

Q: Are Mini Babybel cheeses clean? You know, the little round cheese that come in a mesh bag? Thank you in advance for checking this out for me. I think they are.

A: Thanks for writing in, A. Mini Babybel cheeses are Clean, depending on if you really stick to a totally organic dairy regimen of Clean Eating. Some people will only eat organic milk products - for others, it is a little looser and they will eat dairy that isn't labeled "organic."

Mini Babybel cheeses only have 3 ingredients: Pasturized cultured milk, salt, and microbial enzymes - the 3 essential building blocks of cheese. They are not made from organic milk but the low ingredient count would make them ideal for a Clean Eater. They are a semi-soft cheese - usually a cheddar but they also make a gouda ( my favorite! )

A serving is one small round of cheese; each is about 20 grams - with about 60 calories per round and 130 to 170 mg of salt ( which is a fair amount for such a small cheese weight ).

So the answer is yes - if you are ok eating some dairy products that aren't 100% organic, a round or two would be a good way to get a measured amount of dairy in your diet ( especially if you aren't fond of yogurt or kefir ). Just don't eat the whole bag, and keep in mind there is a decent amount of sodium there.