Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts On Focused Imagery

Focused Imagery is the psychological technique of using a thought or emotion to guide your behavior. It is a thought or a phrase, when focused upon, that reminds you and allows you to focus on your goals. 

When beginning Clean Eating, or suddenly find yourself needing some self motivation and focus, a phrase you can focus on - a mantra - can be of great help for some people. 

For me, this focused phrase is "This will not get me where I want to be."

I say this phrase in my head, when faced every Thursday with a lunch menu at work; my boss buys lunch for the office each Thursday. Bacon cheeseburger with fries? This will not get me where I want to be. Grilled salmon on a bed of salad greens with a side of fresh fruit? Better. 

I say this phrase to myself when I watch my husband ( who is much more physically active than I am ) eat ice cream and cookies after dinner. Evening snacking? This will not get me where I want to be. 

I say this phrase outloud when I'm by myself on the weekends. Running errands. At the grocery store. A chocolate bar sings a siren song only I can hear while I'm in the checkout lane. I glance down. I'm tempted. Nobody would know I ate it. Wait. Somebody would know. I would know. This will not get me where I want to be. 

I encourage you to find your phrase. Find the words that keep you on track. Find that which motivates you.