Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clean Eating and 7-11

Over the weekend, my family and I were out running errands when my husband asked me to stop at a 7-11 convenience store; he wanted to get something to drink. I waited in the car for a moment, and then decided to enter the store; I wanted to get a bottle of water. My husband was already in line, and the clerk was getting him some sort of gawdawful hot pocket like stick of bread and meat from behind the counter grill.

I scowled at him, but I had to admit. I was hungry, too.

I wandered around the store for a second, absolutely sure there was nothing Clean enough for me here. I saw hot dogs, chips, Sodas, candy. But...what's that in the back of the store?

Surprise! A whole case was devoted to fresh foods. A basket of apples, bananas. Yogurts and yogurt smoothies. 2 hardboiled eggs in a little plastic holder with salt and pepper.

Fresh sandwiches ( not on whole grain, but beggars can't be chosers ) A turkey sandwich on whole wheat - fresh made that day. Small cups of what appeared to be freshly cut fruit salad. I also saw ( which would do in a pinch... ) individual packets of quick cook oatmeal.

Beverages? A cup of fresh brewed tea, or a carton of milk, or bottled water ( even a brand that was flavored with natural fruit juice! )

I post this because I surprised myself, and found multiple Clean "on the go" food items at a store where I would have sworn there would be nothing for me to eat. If you are "on the go" and aren't one of those Clean Eaters who packs a cooler everywhere they CAN find Clean options, you don't have to resort to going hungry or breaking your "Clean" streak by eating something processed.

Once again, I am reminded: eyes open, mind open.