Thursday, September 29, 2011

Better Oats Raw Multigrain Hot Cereals

There's getting to be a chill in the air, even here below the Mason-Dixon line. Cold yogurt just doesn't hit the warm, comforting spot I need to start the day - and oatmeal takes a little too long in the mornings.

BetterOats has a line of organic multigrain hot cereals that are ready in the microwave in 2 minutes. All organic, with a "bare" unflavored cereal, and also 2 spiced ones: chai ( delicious ) and my favorite, cinnamon plum spice.

Cinnamon plum spice ingredients:  ( all ingredients are organic ) whole grain rolled oats,  evaporated cane juice,  flaxseed, natural flavor ( I assume this is the cinnamon and plum spicing - but why they don't just list then is a little puzzling ), barley, quinoa, rye, wheat, sea salt, guar gum.

I enjoy putting a squirt of honey in the cereal if I have the "bare" variety, and always add some chopped banana or blueberries to give an add of vitamins and to include fruit to my meal. 

Each box has 5 serving pouches which are a great item to keep in the desk at work. I keep a few boxes in the house as well.
These are normally about $2.50 a box, but on sale can find them for $2 each. When there is a really amazing sale, I can find them at my local Safeway for $1 a box. Then if I'm really lucky - I have a coupon to go with it, making them free or nearly free.

That's when I fill the cupboard to the point where my normally laid back former Marine husband starts asking if I expect hippies coming to stay for a few months.

He's a hoot.