Friday, September 9, 2011

Refections on a Day's Meals

Today ( well, yesterday - you are reading this in my tomorrow... ) was a crazy, nutty day. I woke late - later than I usually do. I quickly did my morning routine, and got lunch prepared for my son to take to school, and me to take to work. Terrible traffic in the DC area due to our monsoon like weather, and when I got to work, I unpacked my lunch onto my desk. When I looked at it, this is what I saw:

 ( Sorry for the meh quality of the pic; it is from my phone )

A Chobani vanilla yogurt.
A banana
A kiwi fruit
A stick of organic cheese
5 homemade turkey meatballs
An apple

When I looked at my food for the day again, I realized I had quickly gathered these items. Without thought or hesitation. What a change from last year, when I would have grabbed a Pop*Tart to gobble down while driving to work, and the bag of 3 leftover pizza slices from the night before. And these items were in the house - Pop*Tarts and Pizza. Now? Fruit. Yogurt. Lean meat. Dairy. I remember sitting at my desk yesterday morning, regarding these food items with a bit of curious amazement. Now, I automatically gather healthy, nutritious Clean items.

My crazy, nutty day turned into a crazy, nutty night - and I ate much later than my family did. I wasn't particularly hungry, but knew I should eat something. I heated a sweet potato in the microwave, and ate a handful of almonds and raisins while I waited for it. By the time my ancient microwave was done cooking the potato, I was actually hungry. I took the sweet potato in a bowl to the couch, sat down, and proceeded to eat it. No butter, no cinnamon. Plain. And I honestly didn't notice it until I was halfway through. The potato was delicious, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Again- what a difference over a year ago, when the poor potato would have drowned in margarine.

I'm writing this to assure you - the beginning Clean Eater ( or perhaps, you've been Clean for a bit but finding yourself swinging back and forth between Clean and Unclean )  - that eventually, your habits will change, and your Clean diet will be so ingrained in you that you will do it without thought.You will naturally gravitate towards foods that are healthy, unprocessed, and Clean

The way there is to stay on the mental track you've set for yourself. Focus on the goal you know you want, and don't allow a momentary weakness to dissuade you from eating Clean.