Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look for Sonya Apples

The next time you are in your grocery store's produce section, keep your eye out for a new apple variety : The Sonya. I was shopping and my store had a small display of this new variety. I was instantly drawn to these apples; they had a perfect shape, and a lovely rosy hue.

Without knowing anything about them, I bought some.

The Sonya has an amazingly crisp and juicy apple taste with just a hint of a watermelon flavor underneath. They are yummy apples to crunch. A cross between a Gala and Red Delicious, a Sonya has a distinct, heartlike shape, a firm crunch and a sweet and juicy flavor, similar to a Honey Crisp. The Sonya originated in New Zealand and is now being grown in Washington state.

They even have their own website: Sonyapple.com

From their website:

Originally developed in the uplands of Central Otago in New Zealand, Sonya apples are now being grown in the rich volcanic soils in Washington's Yakima Valley. In this fertile lowlands microclimate, the Sonya apple is cultivated to maximize flavor and size. This crisp refreshing apple, available from December through April, is a cross between a Gala and Red Delicious - only sweeter (high brix level) with a unique aroma.
Characterized by a distinctive broad shouldered shape, a Sonya is bi-colored with a light-to-dark red over a creamy-to-yellow background. A very pleasant and tasty apple, the Sonya is delicious straight from the fridge or served with a favorite cheese, in salads, or baked into pastries and pies. Known for an excellent shelf-life, the Sonya maintains a firm texture and is relatively easy to handle and store.

Two Clean Eating Eve Thumbs Up on the Sonya apple. Ok, only one thumb shown here. But the other thumb is up, mentally.

Go buy some.

Yeah, like right now.