Saturday, September 24, 2011

Newstand Alert: Clean Eating Magazine October 2011

The new issue of Clean Eating magazine for October is hitting news stands now - and there are many, many good features in this month's issue...and one negative so strong...I've already written a letter to the editor in protest.

First, the good:

* A great round up of CE tortilla wraps on page 15- always a good thing to know which brands to look for in the stores. Remember, wraps can be problematic!

* Featured article on skillet dinners has me happy to find a new use for my turkey meatballs. ( see pic on the magazine cover above )

* A nice round up of braised meat dishes. I'm thinking one specific CE reader who lives North of me should try the 5 spice bison and report back...

* A new feature, and one I welcome: a quick roundup of easy to do resistance band exercises on page 92. Getting exercise is important, and I hope this inspires me to get my behind off the sofa!

And now the bad:

* 6 pages devoted to red wines that pair well with the recipes they published.

Alcohol is Unclean. Wine is Unclean. For a CE magazine to promote wine consumption is really disturbing, and I'm not sure which brain trust decided this belongs in a CE magazine. ( See the magazine cover above )

Interestingly, the magazine has some conflicting info in the same issue on alcohol. On page 22, they recommend Mezzetta brand Marinara tomato sauce, but noting that it has Cabernet Sauvignon in it - they advise the reader to heat the sauce thoroughly "to cook out any remaining alcohol". At the back of the magazine on pages 90-91, they highlight wine stoppers and a wine rack. Mixed messages, anyone?

If you are serious about Clean Eating, you should not be drinking wine on anywhere near a regular basis. I will be the first to acknowledge that a few glasses of alcohol a year at a special social occasion is ok. I enjoy whisky, and have a few glasses a year. But that is it. The CE article implies that having a glass of red wine with dinner is a-ok...and it isn't.