Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Larabar Flavors ( To Me ) - Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chocolate Coconut Chew, and Peanut Butter Cookie

At the store the other day, I came across flavors of Larabar I had never seen before: peanut butter and jelly, coconut chocolate chew, and peanut butter cookie. The stores in my area only seem to carry the same 3-5 flavors ( apple, cherry, lemon, etc ) - and I can't eat some of them because I'm allergic to cashews. So I have to investigate new flavors as I find them to ensure they are cashew free.

Since I first discovered Larabars,  they have become something of a weekly "must" for me. I eat 2 or 3 a week, mainly with my mid afternoon meal along with a hard boiled egg or a few turkey meatballs. They live quietly and contentedly in the food drawer at my desk - but having the same 3 flavors has been a bit of a yawn. I'm happy to find some new flavors!

Peanut butter cookie ingredients: dates, peanuts, and salt

Chocolate coconut chew ingredients: dates, almonds, walnuts, unsweetened cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut

Peanut butter & jelly ingredients: dates, peanuts, unsweetened cherries, salt

The flavors are really amazing - the PB&J ( at first bite ) didn't resemble the PB&J in my memory ...but then all of the sudden, I smiled as yes...a distinct PB&J flavor came through. Not as sweet, but a very close facsimile for such a simple ingredient list. The chocolate coconut chew was really good, too. Just enough chocolate taste to really give a satisfying experience. I personally didn't like the peanut butter cookie bar as much as the other two - but I know other people will like it and the taste will appeal.

There are actually 14 flavors available: Larabar products . Mmmm, Ginger Snap. Banana Bread.
Doggone it. Key Lime Pie and Blueberry Muffin have cashews in them!

What do you think of Larabars? Clean Eating aside, these bars are excellent for anyone who has an emergency stockpile of food. Larabars would be excellent for an emergency bag as well.
Do you like the other flavors I can't eat ( Lemon, Tropical Fruit, Cashew Cookie ) ?