Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Clean Eating Sunday Prep Day

I use my Sundays to get myself ready for the upcoming week so I don't have any excuses to stray off path.

What have I done?

1. Went to the grocery store and purchased foods for the upcoming week: eggs, turkey burgers, salad making stuff, Greek yogurt, fruit, chicken breasts, etc.

2. I came home and started processing my purchases.

- Boiled the dozen eggs
- Grilled the 4 turkey burgers on the George Foreman grill; they are cooling on the counter so they can be packaged up.
- Butterfly cut the chicken to make 2 pieces out of 1 breast ( chicken breasts these days are huge and the portion is too much ) and they will go on the George Foreman next.
- Hulled and sliced 1 lb of strawberries ( on sale! ) for addition to the Greek yogurt for this week's breakfasts
-Separated my bananas ( Thanks, Violent Indifference for the tip! ) to slow ripening so the bananas will last the upcoming week
-Cleaned and washed the peppers, cucumber, etc for this week's salads. I don't cut them until I use them - so I bring a whole pepper, 1/2 cucumber, etc to work with me for chopping just before I eat.
-Bought a small cantaloupe ( expensive in winter but I've been craving! ) and cut it into chunks - stored in 3 separate containers in the fridge. Just right for slipping one into my lunch bag.