Sunday, January 30, 2011

5 More Clean Condiments to Try

1. Chutney: It is a sweet-tart condiment that is often found in the International section of your store, or near the pickles/relishes. It's a great add on for for roasted chicken or seafood. Make sure you look at the label and get a brand with low sugar / low ingredient list - or, try your hand at making your own chutney to control ingredients and sugars!

2. Curry Paste: A staple in Indian cooking, this paste can be found in mild to blazing hot varieties. Again - check the International section of your grocery store. Great with chicken, or as a different smear on a turkey burger.

3. Pesto: It is a blend of basil, olive oil, vinegar, and pine nuts. Traditionally served in Italian dishes, pesto is fun on vegetables, and I've seen several clever recipes that add this to homemade salad dressing. I like the Amor brand I found in my grocery store.

4. Flavored Oils: Truffle, Herb, Pepper, etc : Flavor infused olive oils are an amazing addition to the pantry. For Christmas, my Mother In Law gave me a bottle of Persian Lime infused olive oil, and that stuff is heaven! Look in the oil section of a higher end grocery store to see a selection of infused oils. You'll find herb infusions, citrus infusions, pepper infusions, mushroom infusions - some great additions to your pantry and a lovely drizzle to add interest to broiled meats and dressings.

5. Hot Pepper Sauce ( Tabasco, Sriracha ):  Except for a high sodium content, just about all pepper sauces are clean. If you like things on the spicy side, I would recommend seeking out a bottle of sriracha ( pronounced sir-RAH-cha ) - great on meats, or as a hot substitute to ketchup or BBQ sauce.Look in the Asian section of your grocery store.