Saturday, January 29, 2011

Newstand Alert: Oxygen Fat Loss magazine

     The next time you are at the drug store or magazine stand, look for this new issue of Fat Loss magazine by the publishers of Oxygen magazine - a sister publication to Clean Eating magazine. You'll find a lot of articles devoted to CE, as well as some incredibly motivational stories of women ( it is geared towards women, sorry guys! ) who have changed their lives through exercize and CE.

I picked up this issue yesterday on my way home from work ( thanks CVS! ) and found the resistance band workout to be exactly what I need right now! I was very pleased to get some new motivational materials, too.

Note: ( My personal opinion ) I disapprove of the many, many dietary supplement and powdered protein ads that are in these magazines. I look right past them, as many are unhealthy and IMO, some are downright dangerous. If you pick up this magazine, or ones like it, please don't be swayed to purchase these products. I don't care if they are openly discussed in the magazines like this. To me, these are nowhere near Clean. Please view these with a critical eye, but keep in mind...there is no magic pill for weight loss. It is in your mind, your heart, and in changing your approach to food.