Thursday, January 6, 2011

Protein Whey Powders - Would You Like Some Arsenic With That?

 If you open an issue of Clean Eating magazine, one thing you are instantly assaulted with are advertisements with impossibly pumped women who could have quarters bounced off their abs hawking protein whey powder supplements. Indeed, even CE editors regularly include protein whey powder as ingredients in their clean recipes. But what is in that stuff?

Protein? Sure. Arsenic? Cadmium? Lead? Mercury? - Yes.

Consumer Reports tested some of the leading protein whey powders out there, and almost all tested measurable levels of these heavy metals - and in some, levels where they would leagally have to carry a warning in certain states due to metal content.

If you can't read the chart well ( it is small... ) click the link to jump over to Consumer Reports.
Consumer Reports: What's in your protein drink??

These powders add protein to your foods, and a lot of them add a whole lot more. Protein powders are are definite don't in my book. Stay away from them, and don't be lured into thinking those ads are anything more than really are - snake oil salesmen in bikinis.