Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guy Fieri - Chicken Patty Burgers

What it is about a short cool guy that can cook? *sigh*
And I say "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" all the time :-D

Guy Fieri's chicken burgers are a nice start if you are looking for a CE burger - know how to clean up this recipe a bit, don't you? The veggies don't need extra salt - the artichoke and olive has more than enough, thankyouverymuch.So ignore him putting salt in the veggies to sweat, and then again in the burger mix, and then even more in the celery salt he adds!!! I'd think about using a flavor infused olive oil too - garlic, or maybe lime. His technique for making a chicken patty in the little plastic cup is neat, though! Make that egg organic, and if you use store bought crumbs, look for whole wheat kind, and make sure you look at the ingredients to ensure you are buying a brand without added salt and no filler starchy junk.