Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clean Eating, Saturday 1/08

I've decided that starting today, I'm going to journal the previous day's CE. I've been asked what I'm eating on a regular basis - but also for see where I'm "on path" - and to see where I could improve. CE is a journey, and a change in how and why you approach food. Journaling is very important ( as I've blogged before ) and I hope my daily recap helps keep us both on the right track.


1 1/2 c vanilla TJ ( Trader Joe's ) Greek yogurt with 1 medium banana cut into it
2 c coffee with organic milk and stevia ( I just can't drink coffee black! )

1 medium pear
15 or so roasted almonds

Leftover roasted chicken breast
leftover steamed broccoli

( No mid-afternoon snack; was running errands )

Meatloaf ( made with clean ingredients, but not "free range" beef )
Lg baked sweet potato with 1 sm pat Brummel and Brown yogurt butter
Petite peas ( steamed )

60+ ounces of water throughout the day ( should have been closer to 75+ ; will work on that! )